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≪Out of Stock≫ [Bandai] Pre-Coordinate House Pretty Cure Heartful House Pre-Coordinate Doll

≪Out of Stock≫ [Bandai] Pre-Coordinate House Pretty Cure Heartful House Pre-Coordinate Doll

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[Product name] Precode House Pretty Cure Heartful House [JAN code] 4543112936424
[Manufacturer] Bandai [Year of manufacture] 2015 [Product condition] New

[Package dimensions] Width: 250mm x Height: 250mm x Depth: 110mm
[Package weight] about 770g
[Product materials] House body, hammock pedestal, laundry basket, basket, floor plate, door, door pedestal, clothes, hanger: ABS, hammock, hammock stand, ladder, drying rack, drying stand, closet rail: PP
[Target age] 3 years old or older

* Uses 2 AAA batteries (for alkaline batteries) (sold separately)

*Passed toy safety standards 4543112936424

[Title] Pretty Cure All Stars

(c) ABC/Toei Animation

【set content】

  • House body: 1 piece
  • Clothes: 4 pieces
  • Hammock: 1 piece
  • Hammock pedestal: 1 piece
  • Hammock stand: 2 pieces
  • Sentakuki: 1 piece
  • Basket: 1 piece
  • Floor plate: 1 piece
  • Door: 1
  • Door pedestal: 1
  • Ladder: 1 piece
  • Drying rack: 1
  • Drying stand: 2 pieces
  • Closet rail: 1
  • Hanger: 4 pieces
  • Seal: 1 sheet
  • Instruction manual: 1 sheet

* Doll is not included in the set contents.

[Precautions for use]

  • There are small parts. Never give to children under the age of 3 as there is a risk of accidental ingestion and suffocation.
  • Please be sure to read the instruction manual.
  • Be careful of accidental ingestion of AAA alkaline batteries (sold separately), especially for children under the age of 3.
  • This product uses magnets in some of its electronic components, so please be careful if you use a pacemaker.
  • Do not play violently, such as hitting or swinging.
  • Do not apply force from the top of the product or step on it. Risk of damage and accidents.
  • Do not insert fingers into gaps between moving and rotating parts. There is a risk of being caught and injured.
  • Keep this product away from TVs, clocks, computers, etc. Malfunctions may occur due to magnetism.
  • Do not pull the bag over your head or cover your face. There is a risk of suffocation.
  • Discard the plastic packaging immediately after opening.
  • Do not place this product on resin sofas, sheets, tiles, etc. Prolonged contact may cause color transfer.
  • This product consists of precision electronic components. Do not drop, immerse in water, stain, or disassemble. Also, avoid using or storing in places with high or low temperatures.
  • Please note that some of the pronunciation may be difficult to hear due to the intonation being different and the use of an electronic circuit (speech synthesis) for the voice.
  • Do not pull or bend the moving parts or mounting parts in an unreasonable direction.
  • If the sound becomes faint or difficult to hear, replace the batteries.

<<Misuse of batteries may result in heat generation, explosion, or liquid leakage. Please note the following>>

  • If liquid leaking from the battery gets into your eyes, wash immediately with plenty of water and consult a doctor. If it gets on your skin or clothes, wash it off with water.
  • Parents should replace the batteries.
  • Never use rechargeable (Ni-Cd, etc.) batteries.
  • Do not mix old and new batteries or different types of batteries.
  • Set the + and - (plus and minus) correctly.
  • After playing, be sure to turn off the switch and remove the battery. Leaving the battery in the battery is dangerous as it may leak.
  • Do not short circuit, charge, disassemble, heat, or throw in fire.
  • When disposing of the product, follow the disposal instructions of the local government.

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