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  • トロピカル~ジュプリキュア マスコット2
  • トロピカル~ジュプリキュア マスコット2 キュアラメール
  • トロピカル~ジュプリキュア マスコット2 ローラ
  • トロピカル~ジュプリキュア マスコット2 キュアサマー
  • トロピカル~ジュプリキュア マスコット2 キュアコーラル
  • トロピカル~ジュプリキュア マスコット2 くるるん
  • トロピカル~ジュプリキュア マスコット2
  • トロピカル~ジュプリキュア マスコット2
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[Bandai Shokugan] Tropical ~ Ju! Pretty Cure Mascot 2 [Set of 5 Types]

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¥1,650 JPY

[Product name] Tropical ~ Ju! precure mascot 2
[JAN code] 4549660583646
[Manufacturer] Bandai [Year of manufacture] 2021 [Product condition] New

[Package dimensions] Width: 60mm x Height: 80mm x Depth: 35mm
[Package weight] about 30g
[Material] Doll: PVC
[Country of manufacture] Doll: China, Confectionery: Japan [Target age] 3 years old and over

*Passed toy safety standards 4549660583646

[Title] Tropical ~ Ju! pretty cure

(c) ABC-A, Toei Animation

【set content】

  1. cure mail
  2. Mermaid Laura ~Kururun to Together ver.~
  3. Cure Summer ~Heart Rouge Rod ver.~
  4. Cure Coral ~Heart Rouge Rod ver.~
  5. Nico Nico Kururun

[Product content]

  • Colored mascot with ball chain x 1
  • Gum (soda flavor) x 1

[Food labeling]

  • Name: chewing gum
  • Ingredients: sugar, glucose, starch syrup, gum base, thickener (acacia), acidulant, fragrance, emulsifier, brightener, softener
  • Contents: 1 piece
  • Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight.

[Precautions for use]

  • There are small parts. Never give to children under the age of 3 as there is a risk of accidental ingestion and suffocation.
  • Do not place this product on resin sofas, sheets, tiles, etc. Prolonged contact may cause color transfer.

■ About our candy toy products

Our Shokugan products mainly sell attached toys.
Therefore, in some cases, the expiration date has expired.

We are very sorry, but please check the expiration date on the package and do not eat products that have passed the date.

* Regarding chewing gum, the expiration date may be omitted because there is almost no change in quality.